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  Krishnamurthi Ganapathi

Name Dr K Ganapathi
(Dr Krishnamurthi Ganapathi)
  Gender M
Birth 1911
Specialization Organic Chemistry; Synthetic Drugs; Antibiotics; Biochemistry;Fermentation Technology
  Year of Election 1946  
  Demise 15-10-2004

Krishnamurthi Ganapathi obtained his DSc degree (1941) from the University of Madras. His areas of specialization were organic chemistry, synthetic drugs, antibiotics, biochemistry and fermentation technology. He was the Director of Regional Research Laboratory (now Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine), Jammu, and Central Indian Medicinal Plant Organization (now Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants), Lucknow. He was also the Assistant Director, Haffkine Institute, Mumbai.

Academic and Research Achievements: Ganapathi established the projection (conformational formula), for the first time, of 3- dihydroxydecalins. He made noteworthy contributions to the chemistry of the thiazoles, synthesis and testing of derivatives of sulpharnilamide, and independent discovery of sulphathiazole, sulphaguanidine and sulphamethazine. His contribution also includes the process for the manufacture of sulphathiazole, synthesis of potential antimalarials, and production of paludrine. His other important contributions concerned the biosynthetic pathway for penicillin production by the mould, biochemistry of Penicillium chrysogenum, and some pathogenic bacteria. Production of citric acid by submerged fermentation of Aspergillus niger is one of his major accomplishments.

Other Contributions: Ganapathi built the Chemotherapy Department and pilot plant at Haffkine Institute. He built and organized the research laboratory of the Hindustan Antibiotics, Pimpri and was also the Research Superintendent and Works Manager. Dr Ganapathi was a member of Pharmaceutical Committee (CSIR) for many years and was on the Board of Governors, IIT, Kanpur (for 3 terms). He served as a Member of INSA Council (1968-69).

Awards and Honours: Dr Ganapathi was a recipient of Sudborough Medal of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1935). He was a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, Chemical Society (UK), and Society of General Microbiology.

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