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  Pulin Bihari Sarkar

Name Professor PB Sarkar
(Professor Pulin Bihari Sarkar)
  Gender M
Birth 01-03-1906
Specialization Jute Fibre Technology;Jute Lignin
  Year of Election 1946  
  Demise 23-03-1983

Pulin Bihari Sarkar obtained DSc (1936) from University of Dacca, Bangladesh. Thereafter, he worked as Professor of Chemistry, Vidyasagar College, Kolkata (1939); also Senior Research Chemist (1939-50) and Director (1950-67), Jute Technological Research Laboratory, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sarkar specialized in the technology of jute fibres and made significant contributions of the chemistry of jute lignin. Also, he wrote a text book on Organic Chemistry.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sarkar was conferred the JM Das Gupta Memorial Medal by Indian Chemical Society (1934) and PC Ray 70th Birthday Memorial Medal by Indian Chemical Society (1936).

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