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  Satya Charan Chatterjee

Name Professor SC Chatterjee
(Professor Satya Charan Chatterjee)
  Gender M
Birth 1905
Specialization Petrology
  Year of Election 1948  
  Demise 01-06-1978

Satya Charan Chatterjee obtained his DSc degree (1936) from the University of Calcutta with specialization in petrology. He was Professor, Department of Geology (1949-52); JN Tata Professor of Geology (1952-61), Science College, Patna and Patna University; Professor (1961-73) and Professor Emeritus (1973-78), School of Studies in Geology, Vikram University, Ujjain.

Academic and Research Achievements: Chatterjee specialized in petrology and contributed to a wide range of subjects like mineralogy, economic geology and geomorphology. His most outstanding contribution was on the study of anorthosites of Bengal with respect to their structural features, origin and emplacement. He studied the rocks of Mayurbhanj and charnockites of Mar Valley near village Messanjor (Canada Dam). He did extensive work on Deccan traps and strategic minerals of India.

Awards and Honours: Chatterjee received Mouat Medal of University of Calcutta. He was a Fellow of Society of Economic Geology (USA); Geological Society of London; and Royal Geographical Society. He was President, Geology and Geography Section of Indian Science Congress (1929) and Chairman, Charnockites Section of XXII International Geological Congress.

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