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  Arun Kumar Dutta

Name Professor AK Dutta
(Professor Arun Kumar Dutta)
  Gender M
Birth 1903
Specialization Physics; Spectroscopy
  Year of Election 1948  
  Demise 20-08-1988

Arun Kumar Dutt, who specialized in physics and spectroscopy, earned the degree of DSc (1933) from the University of Dacca, now in Bangladesh. He held the position of Palit Professor of Physics, University of Calcutta from 1961 to 1968 after working as a Professor of Physics, Utkal University, Cuttack from 1951 to 1960.

Academic and Research Achievements: Dutta’s significant research achievements lie in the fields of molecular spectroscopy, ultrasonics and nuclear physics. Professor Dutta made significant contributions in the study of molecular motion in fluids and internal dispersion and absorption of elastic and optical waves. The absorption coefficient of these waves gives a constant value, which is generally a multiple of Stoke’s calculated value. The multiplier varies from infinity to few thousands. Moreover, there is a diffuse broadening of the Debye diffraction pattern lines produced by the wave field. Professor Dutta deduced relations for the sound wave velocity on the basis of molecular motion, which agreed fairly well with the experimental results.

Other Contributions: Arun Kumar’s book, Electromagnetism, Electron Theory and Special Theory of Relativity, was published by Macmillan & Co in 1973.

Awards and Honours: Arun Kumar Dutt was elected the President of the Physics Section, Indian Science Congress in the year 1959.

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