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  Jyotis Chandra Ray

Name Dr JC Ray
(Dr Jyotis Chandra Ray)
  Gender M
Birth 1899-04-20
Specialization Septicaemic/Enterotropic Characteristics of Cholera brio
  Year of Election 1948  
  Demise 23-11-1975

Jyotis Chandra Ray received MD from University of Berlin, Germany. He was Officer-in-Charge, Protozoological Survey, Central Research Institute, Kasauli, Shimla Hills; later Associate Director and Director, Indian Institute of Medical Research, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Ray’s initial work related to septicaemic and enterotropic characteristics of cholera vibrio, significance of bile in the passage of cholera vibrios from blood to intestinal walls, and oral immunization against cholera. He also worked on important problems like the cultivation and differential diagnosis of various leishmania parasites on solid medium, cultivation of other blood fragellates, serology in leishmaniasis and the leishmania, tropical vaccine for the treatment of oriental sore. In addition, he conducted investigations on malarial immunity, cultivation of Entomoeba histolytica, typhoid, cholera, bowel disorders in Bengal, and Oriel’s urinary proteose in the treatment of allergic diseases.

Other Contributions: Ray was a great organizer of medical research. He had a role to play in founding the journal Ann Biochem Exp Med. He served as Member of the INSA Council (1959-60; 1969-70), Indian Medical Association, and Biochemical Society of London.

Awards and Honours: Dr Ray was conferred Padma Bhushan (1968), and ML Sarkar Memorial Lectureship of Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (1969). He was elected Vice President, INSA (1967-68).

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