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  Jnanendra Lal Bhaduri

Name Professor JL Bhaduri
(Professor Jnanendra Lal Bhaduri)
  Gender M
Birth 1903
Specialization Entomology
  Year of Election 1949  
  Demise 20-09-1982

Jnanendra Lal Bhaduri completed his DSc (1947) from the University of Edinburgh, UK. His area of specialization was entomology. He was elected to the chair of the Nil Ratan Sircar Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta in 1956.

Academic and Research Achievements: Bhaduri studied the anatomy of the urinogenital system in Salientia and investigated the structural anatomy of a large number of species of frogs and toads obtained from all parts of the globe and made a significant contribution in understanding their evolution. He studied the systematics of Indian Salientia, Mollusca and the tadpoles of hill streams of Assam. Worked on the diagnosis of early pregnancy in women and was a pioneer in using sperm discharge frequency in the urine of the toad after it was injected with the urine sample of a woman suspected for pregnancy which led to the protection of female patients. Bhaduri also studied hormonal imbalances.

Awards and Honours: JL Bhaduri was awarded the Joy Govind Law Memorial Medal (Asiatic Society). He was a Member / Fellow of the Zoological Society of India, the Bangiya Vignan Parishad, Academy of Zoology (Agra), Indian Science News Association and Member (1952-54), Additional Vice-President (1961-62) of the INSA Council. Bhaduri was President, Zoology and Entomology Section, Indian Science Congress (1951).

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