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  Dara Pirojshaw Antia

Name Dr DP Antia
(Dr Dara Pirojshaw Antia)
  Gender M
Birth 1914
Specialization Metallurgical Engineering; Mineral Economics and Industrial Management
  Year of Election 1950  
  Demise 24-05-1999

Dara Pirojshaw Antia obtained his ScD degree (1943) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and DSc (hc) (1983) from the Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. His areas of specialization were metallurgical engineering, mineral economics and industrial management. He was Director and Development Officer (Metals), Government of India; and Deputy Managing Director, Union Carbide India Ltd.

Academic and Research Achievements: Antia did systematic and exhaustive research at MIT on transformation in solid state during tempering of carbon steels. He guided research in India on nucleation and grain growth of zinc alloys. His work under the International Programme on Alloy Phase Diagrams resulted in his coauthoring many publications in Journal of Alloy Phase Diagram and Calplad Journal. He published several monographs on alloy phase diagrams.

Other Contributions: Antia founded the Indian Institute of Metals, now a premier international metals society. He also founded the Indian Lead-Zinc Information Centre and Indian Copper Development Centre. He was Member, Board of Governors, Acta Metallurgica Inc. (USA), and Alloy Diagrams International Commission. He also served as Editor of Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals and helped found Journal of Alloy Phase Diagram and Journal of Phase Equilibria. He was a Member of INSA Council (1977-80).

Awards and Honours: Antia was a recipient of Henry Marion Howe Medal by American Society for Metals (1945); Platinum Medal by Indian Institute of Metals (1967); Syed Husain Zaheer Medal of INSA (1980); Tata Gold Medal (1985); and Scroll of Honour by Institution of Engineers, India (1987). He was conferred on Dr Anant Pandya Memorial Lecture and Dr DN Wadia Memorial Lecture (both of Indian Institute of Metals). He was a Fellow of American Society for Metals and Institute of Metals (UK); Founder and Honorary Member of Indian Institute of Metals and Honorary Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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