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  Faqir Chand Auluck

Name Professor FC Auluck
(Professor Faqir Chand Auluck)
  Gender M
Birth 1912
Specialization Theoretical and Statistical Physics
  Year of Election 1950  
  Demise 06-05-1987

Faqir Chand Auluck obtained his DSc degree (1946) from the Panjab University, Lahore. His specialization was in theoretical & statistical physics. He was Professor Emeritus, Aryabhata Professor of Physics, University of Delhi, Delhi.

Academic and Research Achievements: Auluck's research dealt with problems in statistical physics; partition theory of numbers; theory of white dwarfs and planets; shift in the energy levels of an atom surrounded by electromagnetic radiation; Thomas-Fermi theory of an atom with exchange and correlation; influence of magnetic field of gravitating bodies; superfluidity and superconductivity; and theory of random fragmentation and mass function.

Other Contributions: Auluck served as Vice-Chairman of the National Commission for the compilation of History of Sciences of India (now Indian National Commission for History of Science, INSA). He served as Editor of Publications of INSA (1971-74); and also as Editor of Indian Journal of History of Science. He was Council Member of INSA (1962-64, 1979-70).

Awards and Honours: Auluck received Homi Jehangir Bhabha Medal of INSA (1981), and conferred on KS Krishnan Memorial Lectureship by National Physical Laboratory (1974). He was a Member of Indian Physical Society; Indian Mathematical Society; Indian Astronomical Society; Physical Society (London); American Physical Society; American Astronomical Society; International Astronomical Society; and Indian Cryogenic Council. He was Secretary of INSA (1965-68).

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