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  Harendra Nath Ray

Name Professor HN Ray
(Professor Harendra Nath Ray)
  Gender M
Birth 1899-01-31
Specialization Parasitic Protozoa
  Year of Election 1950  
  Demise 30-05-1969

Harendra Nath Ray received PhD (1930) from University of London, UK. He was Research Officer, Protozoology, and Head, Parasitology Division, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteshwar (1936-54); Professor of Protozoology, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata (1954-65); ICAR Research Scientist, Department of Zoology, Presidency College, Kolkata; also ICMR Emeritus Scientist and CSIR Retired Scientist (1965-69).

Academic and Research Achievements: An eminent parasitologist, Ray was widely recognized for his researches on parasitic protozoa. He discovered a number of new genera and species in Rhizopoda, Mastigophora, Cilliophora, Gregaria, Coccidia and Haemosphoridia. He researched on the systematics and bionomics of a good number of parasitic protozoa in odd types of hosts. He discovered several sporozoan species in polychaeate worms, millipedes, intestinal amoeba of an ascidian, a coocidian form in the eggs of Thalesemma neptuni, etc. He developed the stillamidine test for the detection of the latent trypanosomal infection in zebra cattle, buffaloes and in camels. He was a pioneer to establish the method of transmission of Theilaria annulata in cattle through the eggs of infected ticks, Hyaloma saisgnyi. His discovery of the presence of small cysts clusters in the liver of the Himalayan giant flying squirrels depicting the exoerythrocytic schizogony of a malarial parasite, referred to as a genus Rayella, won him international repute. He made notable contributions to the study of the malarial parasite.

Awards and Honours: Dr Ray was conferred Joygobinda Law Memorial Medal by Asiatic Society (1956). He was President, Zoology and Entomology Section, Indian Science Congress (once); and Sectional President, Third International Congress of Protozoology, Leningrad. He was also elected Fellow of the Royal School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, American Society of Parasitologists and Zoological Society of India (sometime President).

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