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  Shiva Deva Singh Greval

Name Lt Col SDS Greval
(Lt Col Shiva Deva Singh Greval)
  Gender M
Birth 1892
Specialization Medical Science
  Year of Election 1951  
  Demise 14-08-1968

Lt Col Shiva Deva Singh Greval obtained his MD Ch and BDPH from the University of Liverpool, UK. He was specialized in medical science. He was in Indian Medical Service and an Imperial Serologist and a Chemical Examiner to the Government of India. He was a Professor of Serology and Immunology at School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Greval’s research covered many aspects such as diagnostic, immunological, therapeutic, anthropological and medico-legal. His work spanned malaria, cholera, rabies in the mongoose, Bacillipestis, latent syphilis in the tropics, leprosy, kala-azar and determination of blood groups (Rh) from the meals of blood-sucking insects.

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