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   Shri Ranjan

Name Professor Shri Ranjan
(Professor Shri Ranjan)
  Gender M
Birth 1899-08-16
Specialization Plant Respiration
  Year of Election 1951  
  Demise 08-07-1969

Shri Ranjan did his DSc from University of Toulouse, France. He was Head, Department of Botany and Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Allahabad; and also Vice-Chancellor, Agra and Allahabad universities.

Academic and Research Achievements: Shri Ranjan did a great deal of work on plant respiration, and proved that light profoundly affects the rate of respiration of a green plant. He carried out physiological investigations for improving agricultural corps, and produced new mutant types of Pusa wheat by exposure to X-rays. He showed that the application of molasses to soil results not only in an increase of soil nitrogen but also in the nitrogen content of the plant and its carbohydrate and chlorophyll contents as well as its yield.

Awards and Honours: Dr Shri Ranjan was President of the Botany Section of Indian Science Congress (1941). He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore; Member, Indian Botanical Society (President, Jubilee Session, Allahabad, 1946); and Additional Vice-President, INSA (1954-55, 1958-59).

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