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  Earnst Carl Buchi

Name Dr EC Buchi
(Dr Earnst Carl Buchi)
  Gender M
Birth 1914
Specialization Anthropology
  Year of Election 1953  
  Demise 06-09-1981

Ernst Carl Buchi obtained his PhD degree (1942) from the University of Zurich, Switzerland; and again PhD (1949) from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His area of specialization was anthropology. He was Assistant Anthropologist, Institute for Anthropology, University of Zurich; Research Associate, Institute for Human Genetics, University of Copenhagen; Docent for Physical Anthropology, University of Zurich; and Superintendent Anthropologist, Anthropological Survey of India (1950-56).

Academic and Research Achievements: Buchi's work covered the racial composition of the population in Swiss valleys, relation between the ancient and present populations of Switzerland, changes in the physical appearance of European populations, environmental influence on physical characters, growth etc., and mutational studies in human beings. His first study in India among the Tibetan refugees was within the new conceptual framework as a study of population rather than as an assemblage of individuals. He also studied the tribal populations in remote forests and hilly terrains in southern India and Andaman Islands. He was one of the foremost scientists to set the future course of research in physical anthropology in India.

Awards and Honours: Buchi was a Member of Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences; Swiss Society for Anthropology and Ethnology; Swiss Society for Genetics; Swiss Society for Prehistory; Society for Research in Natural Sciences (Zurich); American Association of Physical Anthropologists; American Genetics Association; and Swiss Association of University Docents.

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