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  MV Govindaswamy

Name Dr MV Govindaswamy
(Dr MV Govindaswamy)
  Gender M
Birth 1904
Specialization Medical Science; Psychiatry
  Year of Election 1953  
  Demise 07-04-1962

MV Govindaswamy obtained his MBBS and DPM from England. His specialization was in medical science and psychiatry. He was the Superintendent, Mental Hospital (now National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience), Bangalore and also the Founder- Director, All India Institute of Mental Health (1954-59).

Academic and Research Achievements: Govindaswamy excelled himself as a medical scientist and was regarded as the foremost psychiatrist of his day in the country. He was the first psychiatrist to start psychosurgery in 1947. He was responsible for bringing together psychological, medical, psychiatric and nursing aspects within the hospital framework. His contributions are well known in the field of mental and nervous diseases and the possibilities of application of classical Indian philosophical doctrines to the understanding of personality deviations.

Other Contributions: Govindaswamy was the Member of National Advisory Council for Education of Mentally Handicapped.

Awards and Honours: Govindaswamy was a Member/Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine (London) and Indian Medical Association and World Mental Health Federation.

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