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  Bangalore Srinivasarao Madhava Rao

Name Professor BS Madhava Rao
(Professor Bangalore Srinivasarao Madhava Rao)
  Gender M
Birth 1900
Specialization Pure & Applied Mathematics;Theoretical Physics
  Year of Election 1953  
  Demise 11-06-1987

Bangalore Srinivasarao Madhava Rao did his DSc (1938) from University of Calcutta specializing in pure and applied mathematics, theoretical physics (relativistic wave equations). He served as the Professor of Mathematics and later as Principal, Central College, Bangalore; Professor of Ballistics, Institute of Armament Technology, Pune (1955-60) and Lokmanya Tilak Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Poona (1960-65).

Academic and Research Achievements: Madhava Rao used the notions of group theory and modern algebra in theoretical physics. His work in relativistic wave equations and wave algebra related to particles of arbitrary spin, received international recognition. His contributions are referred to as ‘Madhava Rao Algebra’ and ‘Madhava Rao Ring’.

Awards and Honours: Madhava Rao received the S Ramanujan Prize (University of Madras) (1945). He was the Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and Life Member (President, 1959-61), Indian Mathematical Society and Royal Astronomical Society.

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