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  Mukat Behari Raizada

Name Professor MB Raizada
(Professor Mukat Behari Raizada)
  Gender M
Birth 02-07-1907
Specialization Taxonomy; Nomenclature of Higher Plants
  Year of Election 1953  
  Demise 18-11-1992

Mukat Behari Raizada obtained MSc (1929) from University of Allahabad. He served as Chief Research Officer and Head, Division of Botany; Professor Emeritus, Forest Research Institute and Colleges, Dehra Dun; and Principal, DAV College, Dehra Dun.

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Raizada specialized in taxonomy and nomenclature of higher plants. He did extensive work on systematics, taxonomy and nomenclature, which added to our knowledge of the flora of Upper Gangetic Plains, Bihar and Orissa. He authored many books which include Beautiful Indian Climbers and Shrubs, Grasses of Upper Gangetic Plains, Living Indian Gymnosperms, Flora of Gir Forest, Flora of Mussoorie, Flora of Andhra, Essentials of Forest Botany and Trees for Van Mahotsav.

Other Contributions: Raizada was Life Member of the Indian Botanical Society. He started a new journal Indian Forestry in 1978 which is devoted to forest botany, taxonomy and floristics.

Awards and Honours: Professor Raizada received the XII International Botanical Congress Medal (Leningrad); and the Golden Jubilee Gold Medal (Forest Research Institute and Colleges, Dehra Dun).

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