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  Bagepalli Ramachandrachar Seshachar

Name Professor BR Seshachar
(Professor Bagepalli Ramachandrachar Seshachar)
  Gender M
Birth 09-01-1908
Specialization Biology ; Protozoology; Cytology of Gymnophiona; Cytochemistry
  Year of Election 1953  
  Demise 25-01-1994

Bagepalli Ramachandrachar Seshachar received DSc (1940) from University of Madras. He worked as Harrison Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, and also held Faculty Positions at Columbia University, New York, Rockefeller University, New York and also King’s College, London. He was Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, University of Mysore (Centre College, Bangalore) (1926-60); Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, University of Delhi (1960-71); and Honorary Associate, Centre for Theoretical Studies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

Academic and Research Achievements: Working in the areas: cell biology and protozoology, Seshachar’s researches related to two distinct areas: (i) the cytology of Gymnophiona (Apoda), Amphibia chromosomes, gametogenesis and development (Apoda, a group of rare amphibians, restricted in distribution, only work of the kind so far); and (ii) the cytology, cytochemistry, ultra-structure and DNA synthesis in certain Ciliate Protozoa. These studies are pioneering efforts at understanding the unique nuclear structure of ciliates.

Other Contributions: Professor Seshachar served as Editor of the INSA publications (1967-70).

Awards and Honours: Professor Seshachar was conferred Sunder Lal Hora Medal (1965) by INSA. He was elected Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences; Foundation Fellow, International Society for Protozoology; also Secretary (1961-64), Foreign Secretary (1965-66) and President, INSA (1971-72).

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