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  Sripadrao Kilpady

Name Professor S Kilpady
(Professor Sripadrao Kilpady)
  Gender M
Birth 1906
Specialization Mineralogy and Micropalaeontology
  Year of Election 1954  
  Demise 19-12-2008

Sripadrao Kilpady did his MSc (1931) from the University of Mysore with specializations in mineralogy and micropalaeontology. He was Professor and Head, Geology Department, Nagpur University.

Academic and Research Achievements: Kilpady carried out optical, differential-thermal and X-ray powder-diffraction studies, particularly, of manganese minerals. His micropalaeontological studies of Cretaceous, Palaeocene and Eocene algae and Charophyta substantially contributed to the fixing of the age of the Deccan Traps and identification of certain horizons in the early Tertiary formations of the Salt Range.

Other Contributions: Kilpady served INSA as its Council Member (1961-63).

Awards and Honours: Kilpady was a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and Geological Society of London.

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