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  NV Modak

Name Dr NV Modak
(Dr NV Modak)
  Gender M
Birth 1890
Specialization Civil Engineering
  Year of Election 1954  
  Demise 1971-10-00

NV Modak obtained his BE (1911) from University of Bombay specializing in civil engineering. He served as the Special Engineer, Mumbai Municipality; Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Bombay (1940-41, 1943-44).

Academic and Research Achievements: Modak was an environmental engineer of pre-Stockholm vintage. He has specialized in sewage and refuse disposal. In addition, Modak was involved in town planning, housing, water supply, drainage, sewerage and sewage disposal, refuse disposal, slum clearance, and reclamation of low-lying areas in Mumbai.

Other Contributions: Represented University of Bombay on the advisory committee of College of Engineering, Pune, and the state government on the board of Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Bombay; Member, Technical Advisory Committee, Government Advisory Committee for Back Bay Reclamation, All India Council for Technical Education, and Environment Hygine Committee of Government of India.

Awards and Honours: Modak was the President, Bombay Engineering Congress (1938), and Instituion of Engineers (India) (1941-42); Member, Institution of Municipal County Engineers (London) and Institution of Civil Engineers; Fellow, Royal Sanitary Institute (London); Honorary Member, Institution of Sewage Purification; Associate Member, Institution of Civil Engineers, (London) (1922) and Vice-President, Indian Roads Congress. He served as the President, Engineering and Metallurgy Section, Indian Science Congress (1942). In memory of Modak, Vaitarni Dam, the chief source of water supply to Mumbai city has been renamed as ‘Modak Sagar’.

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