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  Rabindra Nath Sen

Name Professor RN Sen
(Professor Rabindra Nath Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 1896-01-07
Specialization Differential Geometry; Teleparallelism; Senian Geometry; Riemannian Geometry
  Year of Election 1954  
  Demise 19-07-1974

Rabindra Nath Sen received PhD (1930) from University of Edinburgh, UK. He remained Hardinge Professor and Head, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: A distinguished mathematician, Sen worked on differential geometry, teleparallelism, Senian geometry, Riemannian geometry and many others. His investigations on the behaviour of an arbitrary parallel displacement in a metric space led to the discovery (1945-50) of an algebraic system of affine connections in which Levi-Civita parallelism could be identified. He applied this algebraic system to Finsler space and this work is considered to be an important contribution to Finsler geometry. He wrote two textbooks: A Course of Geometry and Foundations of Geometry.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sen was President of the Mathematics Section, Indian Science Congress (1956). He was President of the Calcutta Mathematical Society (1963-66) also.

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