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  Devendra Nath Chakravarti

Name Dr DN Chakravarti
(Dr Devendra Nath Chakravarti )
  Gender M
Birth 1896
Specialization Microbiology; Biochemistry and Epidemiology
  Year of Election 1955  
  Demise 02-05-1985

DN Chakravarti obtained the Post-Graduate diploma (1933) from the Royal College of Physicians and an academic postgraduate diploma (1934) from the University of London. His areas of specialization were microbiology, biochemistry, and epidemiology. He served as Director, Medical Services, Indian Air Force, Director, Medical Services, Indian Army, Director-General, Armed Forces Medical Services and as Secretary, Department of Health and Director of Health Services, West Bengal.

Academic and Research Achievements: Chakravarti investigated biochemical changes in humans due to seasonal variations and during attacks of heat stroke for formulating correct treatment. He computed effective temperature charts from meteorological data for establishing the relationship between temperature and incidence of heat stroke. As a result, it was possible to forecast heat stroke incidence well in time so that prompt remedial measures could be provided.

Other Contributions: Devendra Nath was a great organizer; he contributed to the building up of the research sections of Armed Forces Medical College particularly the Physiology group at the nucleus of Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences.

Awards and Honours: Chakravarti was awarded the OBE (Officers of the Order of the British Empire) (1941). He was a Fellow of the State Medical Faculty (West Bengal), the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), the Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences and the Indian Public Health Association.

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