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  George Ingle Finch

Name Professor GI Finch
(Professor George Ingle Finch)
  Gender M
Birth 1888
Specialization Chemistry; Chemical Technology
  Year of Election 1955  
  Demise 1970-00-00

George Ingle Finch obtained Diploma (1911) from Eidgenossische Techniche, Hochschule, Zurich. His specialization was in chemistry and chemical technology. He was Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry, Imperial College, London; and Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.

Academic and Research Achievements: Finch’s researches spanned a vast canvas of topics, such as gaseous combustion in electric discharges, ignition of explosive gas mixtures, the theory of the oscillation transformer and control of ignition-coil discharge characteristics, electrical condition of hot surfaces during absorption of gases, catalytic properties and structures of metallic films, electron diffraction and surface structure, corrosion, crystal growth, electron scattering by organic compounds, etc. He contributed substantially to the development of heavy chemicals industry, textile industry, internal combustion engines, valve and radar industries, paint industry, ship building, metal-finishing and flour- milling. At Imperial College, London, Finch contributed to the development of incendiary bombs.

Other Contributions: Apart from his research contribution, Finch was also an outstanding mountaineer. He participated in the Mount Everest Expedition of 1922. He advocated the use of oxygen at high altitude, especially the open circuit type of apparatus, which was eventually used in the first successful expedition thirty years later. His books, The Making of a Mountaineer (1924) and Der Kampt um den Everest (1925) have a secure place in alpine literature.

Awards and Honours: Finch was a recipient of Hughes Medal of Royal Society of London (1944) and Guthrie Lectureship of Physical Society, London (1948). He was a Fellow of Royal Society of London; and President of Physical Society (London).

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