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  Tejendra Nath  Ghosh

Name Dr TN Ghosh
(Dr Tejendra Nath Ghosh)
  Gender M
Birth 1905
Specialization Organic Chemistry
  Year of Election 1955  
  Demise 1962-00-00

Tejendra Nath Ghosh obtained the DSc degree from the University of Calcutta. His specialization was in organic chemistry. He was the Chief Chemist of Standard Pharmaceutical Works (1941), Bengal Immunity Company (1943) and Bengal Immunity Research Institute (1947).

Academic and Research Achievements: Ghosh’s first interest lay in the synthesis of certain heterocyclic compounds such as triazole, pyrazolone and iminazole derivatives. He also synthesized some new quinoline derivatives of pharmacological importance and a series of quinoline derivatives, notably quinazoline benzininazole derivative, and some priperidine compounds. Working on various aspects of drug research, he made a distinct contribution to the chemistry of organometallic compounds, heterocyclic bases and amines of diverse nature. He also attempted to synthesize compounds allied with penicillin of ethyl ?-alkyl (or aryl) ?-acylamido-?-phenyl propionates. He observed a novel reaction with fully furnished aromatized isoquinoline derivatives with the elimination of carbon monoxide. In the last phase of his life, he worked on the formation of Mannich bases, ?’ –pyrrolines and antispasmodic compounds.

Other Contributions: Ghosh served as a Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of the Science Club, Kolkata.

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