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  Yedatore Nagappa

Name Dr Y Nagappa
(Dr Yedatore Nagappa)
  Gender M
Birth 2
Specialization Geology; Tertiary Palaeontology
  Year of Election 1955  
  Demise 30-10-1960

Yedatore Nagappa obtained his MSc (1933) from University of Mysore specializing in geology. He served as the Palaeontologist, Assam Oil Company Ltd., Digboi, Assam.

Academic and Research Achievements:Nagappa specialized in Tertiary palaeontology, particularly in Foraminifera and Ostracoda. He carried out field investigations for four seasons in parts of Sind, Baluchistan, Punjab and North West Frontier Province, and the Tertiary successions in part of Assam. He also carried out geological fieldwork in parts of Kutch and examined in detail the Mesozoic and Tertiary successions.

Others Contributions:Nagappa’s many works could not get into print, as they were the private property of Burma Oil Ltd. However, his book Geological History of India (in Kannada) was published (1940) by University of Mysore.

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