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  Balakrishna Ramamurti

Name Professor B Ramamurti
(Professor Balakrishna Ramamurti)
  Gender M
Birth 12-08-1904
Specialization Statistics; Geometry
  Year of Election 1955  
  Demise 11-08-1990

Balakrishna Ramamurti received DSc (1935) from University of Madras. He was Professor of Mathematics, Government College, Ajmer (1939-43); Deputy Director Statistics, (1943-47), Statistician, Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour (1947-51); Joint Director, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India (1957-63); United Nations Regional Statistical Centre in Asia and the Far East, Bangkok; and Chief Statistician, United Nations, OPEX Scheme, Nigeria (1963-66).

Academic and Research Achievements: Ramamurti worked in the areas of mathematics and statistics. He was an authority on geometry relating to rational norm curve in n-dimensions using invariant theory of n-dimensions. He designed and carried out the all-India agricultural labour enquiry, covering a survey of about 10,000 families selected on the basis of stratified random sampling. The results were published by the Ministry of Labour in seven volumes.

Other Contributions: Ramamurti was member of the International Statistical Institute and ILO Committee of Statistical Experts.

Awards and Honours: Professor Ramamurti was conferred the Srinivasa Ramanujan Prize (1936).S

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