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  Rudrendra Kumar  Pal

Name Professor RK Pal
(Professor Rudrendra Kumar Pal)
  Gender M
Birth 10/25/1902
Specialization Physiology
  Year of Election 1956  
  Demise 02-12-1991

Rudrendra Kumar Pal obtained DSc (1931) and MRCP (1931) degrees from University of Edinburgh, UK. He became Vice-Principal and Professor of Physiology at RG Kar Medical College, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements:Dr Pal’s significant research contributions related to: (i) effects of vitamins on thyroid and suprarenals; (ii) description of hitherto unknown structure of thyroglossal duct; (iii) vagotropic action of insulin on heart; (iv) cardiotonic action of insulin with transfusion of glucose solution, and (v) synthesis of two new oral hypoglycaemic drugs. He wrote two books in English: (i) A Handbook of Modern Physiology (Oxford & IBH, 1971) and (ii) Biology of Senescene: Problems and Perspectives (Asiatic Society, 1972), and several others in Bengali.

Other Contributions:Dr Pal was Member (1964-66) and Additional Member (1962-63, 72-73, 84-85) of the INSA Council. He was Keenly interested in History of Science. He published papers on Conception of Health and Diseases in the Rig Veda and Conception of Health and Diseases in Atharva Veda.

Awards and Honours:Dr Pal won the Nilmony Brahmachari Gold Medal of University of Calcutta (1935), and ND Agarwalla Prize of University of Delhi (1951, 1965), Silver Jubilee Medal of INSA (1960) and Golden Jubliee Plaque by INSA. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Asiatic Society and Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh; and President, Asiatic Society (1983).

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