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  Lt. Col. Jaswant Singh

Name Dr J Singh
(Dr Lt. Col. Jaswant Singh)
  Gender M
Birth 04-12-1901
Specialization Malaria Diagnosis and Control; Chemotherapy of Malaria with Antimalarials
  Year of Election 1956  
  Demise 13-02-1977

Lt Col Jaswant Singh did his MB and ChB from University of Edinburgh, DTM&H from University of London and DPH from England. He remained Director, Malaria Institute of India (now National Institute of Communicable Diseases, Delhi).

Academic and Research Achievements: Singh made some significant contributions to malaria studies in India, which included malaria survey, laboratory techniques used in malaria diagnosis and control, and chemotherapy of malaria with antimalarials such as atebrin, paludrine, resochin and camoquin. In conducting a ‘screening test’ for malaria by using the plasmodial infection of monkeys, Singh opened up a new line of study of chemotherapy with antimalarial drugs. He also did some work on synthetic insecticides.

Other Contributions: As Director of Malaria Eradication Training Centre (WHO) in Kingston, he trained senior professionals; and advised the Indonesian government in setting up a Malaria Institute in that country. He was also Member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, and Hygiene WHO Expert Committee on Malaria.

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