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  Gopes Chandra Esh

Name Professor GC Esh
(Professor Gopes Chandra Esh)
  Gender M
Birth 1912
Specialization Physiology; Biochemistry
  Year of Election 1957  
  Demise 11-10-1987

Gopes Chandra Esh completed his PhD (Ohio State University, 1948) in Physiology and Biochemistry. He was the Assistant Physiological Chemist of the Government of Assam (1941-45), a Research Fellow and Visiting Scientist, USA (1946-48), the Head of the Department of Biochemistry of the Bengal Immunity Research Institute, Kolkata (1949-68), the Professor and Head of the Division of Biochemistry and the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Science, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana (1973-75).

Academic and Research Achievements: Esh demonstrated the influence of phosphatides on the absorption and utilization of vitamin A. He showed the importance of protein in the diet for proper utilization of vitamin A and interdependence of vitamins A and C in the metabolism of dietary protein. Demonstrated the metabolism of dietary protein and that the metabolic changes that take place depends on the type of carbohydrates and proteins in the diet. He developed a process for large-scale production of digestive enzymes from indigenous natural sources.

Awards and Honours: GC Esh received the Das Gupta Memorial Gold Medal (1944) and the PC Ray Medal. He was a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Institution of Chemists (India), and Biochemical Society (London). He was the President of the Physiology Section of the Indian Science Congress in 1962 and of the Orissa Pharmaceutical Association (1964) and Science Club of India (1966-67).

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