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  Subodhchandra Manmukhram Mehta

Name Professor SM Mehta
(Professor Subodhchandra Manmukhram Mehta)
  Gender M
Birth 1902
Specialization Inorgaic Chemistry
  Year of Election 1957  
  Demise 1970-03029

Subodhchandra Manmukhram Mehta obtained his MSc (1928) from University of Bombay specializing in inorganic chemistry. He served as the Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Head, Chemistry Department, Institute of Science, Mumbai. He was later Chemical Advisor to the Government of Bombay.

Academic and Research Achievements: Mehta’s researches were concerned with (i) decomposition of alkaline earth sulphates, (ii) series of double sulphates containing bivalent and tetravalent metals, (iii) sodium perborate as an oxidizing agent, (iv) alkali salts of weak acids and isolation of sodium zincate and sodium aluminates, (v) reaction between solutions of mercuric salts and alkali salts of weak acids, (vi) boric acid problem, and (vii) corrosion of brass and aluminum alloys.

Other Contributions: Mehta believed in and practiced hompeopath. He established a trust Dr Subodh Mehta Relief Trust in Mumbai to offer homoeopathic treatment.

Awards and Honours: Mehta was the Fellow, Royal Institute of Chemistry (President, Western India Section), Indian Chemical Society (President, Mumbai Branch), and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. He served as President, Section of Chemistry, Indian Science Congress (1957).

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