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  Prasad Balbhadra

Name Professor P Balbhadra
(Professor Prasad Balbhadra)
  Gender M
Birth 1905
Specialization Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
  Year of Election 1958  
  Demise 13-03-1987

Prasad Balbhadra completed his DSc (1943) from the University of London. His areas of specialization were physical chemistry and electrochemistry. He was Professor of Chemistry, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack; Dean, Faculty of Science, Utkal University; Director of Public Instruction, Orissa; Vice-Chancellor of Patna University and the University of Allahabad and Emeritus Scientist, CSIR.

Academic and Research Achievements: Balbhadra Prasad's significant achievements relate to (i) viscosity and molecular association (ii) viscosity of fused salts and changes with temperature (iii) modification of Davies' equation (iv) application of the modified equation to study (a) some standard electrode potentials and (b) ionic equilibria of a number of salts which are incompletely dissociated and (v) determination of the third dissociation constant of phosphoric acid electrochemically, which could not be done earlier.

Awards and Honours: Professor Balbhadra received the Acharya PC Ray Medal (1967). He was a Fellow of the Institution of Chemists; and National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad and Vice-President, Indian Chemical Society.

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