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  Tarapada Banerjee

Name Dr T Banerjee
(Dr Tarapada Banerjee)
  Gender M
Birth 1907
Specialization Metallurgy and Electrochemistry
  Year of Election 1958  
  Demise 06-05-1988

Tarapada Banerjee completed his DSc (1936) at the University of Dacca and PhD (1947) from University of London, UK. His areas of specialization were metallurgy and electrochemistry. He held the positions of Director, National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur from where he retired as Emeritus Scientist.

Academic and Research Achievements: Banerjee's contributions to fundamental research covered a wide range. These included a study of the induced anisotropy of inorganic colloids, phase transformations in electrolytic alloys, mechanism of formation of manganese dioxide at the anode by electrolysis of manganese sulphate solution, and plating on non-metals and aluminium. Quite a number of research projects handled by Banerjee at the National Metallurgical Laboratory had the potential for industrial exploitation. These related to the production of electrolytic manganese metal and high-purity battery-active electrolytic manganese dioxide from low-grade manganese ores, nitrided manganese and alloys, magnesium from waste, magnesium chloride from sea water, liquid gold and titanium metal from titanium tetrachloride.

Awards and Honours: T Banerjee won several medals and honours such as the Cooper Memorial Medal (1953), Dr KG Naik Gold Medal (MS University of Baroda) (1958), Mint Foundation Medal (1962) and the Diploma for distinguished achievement from University of Cambridge, UK (1973). He was a Fellow, Institution of Metallurgists (London), Royal Institute of Chemistry (London), Institution of Chemists (India) and Indian Standards Institution.

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