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  Deba Brata Lahiri

Name Dr DB Lahiri
(Dr Deba Brata Lahiri)
  Gender M
Birth 1913
Specialization Number Theory; Survey Sampling
  Year of Election 1958  
  Demise 27-03-2003

Deba Brata Lahiri obtained his MSc (1935) from University of Calcutta specializing in number theory and survey sampling. He served as the Director, Research and Training School, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.

Academic and Research Achievements: Lahiri had specialized in the theory of the design of sample surveys, especially in relation to population censues. He solved some important problems of random selection by entirely new methods. He had also done much work on Ramanujan’s function and the divisor function as well as non Ramanujan congruence properties of partition function.

Other Contributions: Lahiri served as Member, International Union for the Scientific Studies of Population. He participated in the World Population Conference (Rome, 1954) and Regional Conferences of Statisticians of ECAFE Region (Bangkok, 1956).

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