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  Vanmali Saran Mangalik

Name Dr VS Mangalik
(Dr Vanmali Saran Mangalik)
  Gender M
Birth 1900
Specialization Pathology
  Year of Election 1958  
  Demise 10-01-1962

Vanmali Saran Mangalik obtained his MD (1929) from University of Lucknow specializing in pathology. He obtained Diploma in Clinical Pathology (1937) from the University of London, UK. He served as the District Medical Officer, United Provinces Provincial Medical Service; Reader in Pathology, Agra Medical School, and University of Lucknow and Professor, Head and Dean (1950-60), Department of Pathology, KG Medical College, Lucknow.

Academic and Research Achievements: Manglik carried out extensive research in the fields of tumour biology, hematological disorders, bacteriology of epidemic gastroenteritis, and liver disorders.

Other Contributions: Mangalik initiated the internship-training programme in University of Lucknow Hospital, for the first time, under the sponsorship of Rockefeller Foundation. He was instrumental in setting up well-organized library services in the Medical College. Mangalik also help in setting up Pathology Department, under the auspices of WHO, in newly established Medical College in Mandalay in Burma (now Myanmar).

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