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  Chandrasekhar Nanjundayya

Name Dr C Nanjundayya
(Dr Chandrasekhar Nanjundayya)
  Gender M
Birth 8
Specialization Applied Science; Textile Technology; Statistics
  Year of Election 1959  
  Demise 29-03-1987

Chandrasekhar Nanjundayya obtained his PhD (1949) from University of Manchester, UK specializing in applied science, textile technology and statistics. He served as the Director, Cotton technological Research Laboratory, Mumbai; and Founder Director, Bombay Textile Research Association and Project Manager, UNIDO, Alexandria, Egypt.

Academic and Research Achievements:Nanjundayya studies the structural properties of cotton fibre and cotton quality. He contributed to the development of control instruments, the most significant among them being the invention of a cotton stapling apparatus for determining the staple length and fineness of cotton. The apparatus had a global patent and had been used extensively in experimental stations. He was largely responsible for evolving new and improved varieties of Indian cotton. He studied the fine structure of fibres by X-ray diffraction.

Others Contributions:Established a modern and well-equipped Textile Research Institute at Mumbai; worked as a UNIDO expert and consultant in textiles.

Awards and Honours:Nanjundayya was the Fellow, International Textile Institute (Vice-President, 1962-64) and Indian Standards Institution (now Bureau of Indian Standards). He received the International Textile Institute Medal (1969).

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