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  Shiv Kanth  Pande

Name Professor SK Pande
(Professor Shiv Kanth Pande)
  Gender M
Birth 1899-02-14
Specialization Plant Morphology; Cytology; Bryology
  Year of Election 1959  
  Demise 11/25/1960

Shiv Kanth Pande obtained DSc (1936) from University of Lucknow. He was Professor and Head, Department of Botany, University of Lucknow (1957); Research Scientist, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (1958); and Professor and Head, University of Saugor, Sagar.

Academic and Research Achievements: Pande made significant contributions to plant morphology, cytology and bryology. On Riccia, he initiated, for the first time, cultural and cytological investigation, mainly on the sporeling pattern. In Notothylas, he provided conclusive evidence on the then highly controversial origin of achesporium in the genus. Two well-known Indian species were found to be the present sources of origin for this tissue, i.e., from inner amphithecium on N. indica and from endothecium in N. levieri. He built a rich collection of plants and herbs during his travels from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka.

Other Contributions: He published several articles in Vishwabharati on various aspects of Botany in chaste Hindi but easily understandable by young students. He also served as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee in the work of evolution of Hindi terminology on the subject.

Awards and Honours: Professor Pande was elected President of the Botany Section, Indian Science Congress (1959), and Indian Botanical Society (1958).

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