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  Mriganka Sekhar Sinha

Name Professor MS Sinha
(Professor Mriganka Sekhar Sinha)
  Gender M
Birth 12-10-1915
Specialization High Energy; Cosmic-Ray Physics
  Year of Election 1960  
  Demise 27-08-2006

Mriganka Sekhar Sinha did his DSc (1946) from University of Calcutta. He worked as Senior Professor of Physics, Regional Engineering College, Durgapur; and later Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Burdwan.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sinha was deeply interested in high energy and cosmic-ray physics. He measured the mean-life of muons in elements of increasing Z-values; investigated the interaction of muons with matter with self-operating cloud-chambers constructed for the first time in India; determined the momentum-spectrum and charge-ratio of munos with a magnetic cosmic ray spectrograph; also carried out simultaneous estimation of their specific ionization in helium and argon in a cloud-chamber.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sinha received the lectureship awards: JC Bose Memorial Lecture (1965) and DM Bose Memorial Lecture (1986).

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