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  Har Dayal Srivastava

Name Professor HD Srivastava
(Professor Har Dayal Srivastava)
  Gender M
Birth 15-06-1908
Specialization Helminthology-survey; Morphology; Taxonomy; Pathogenicity
  Year of Election 1960  
  Demise 20-10-1989

Har Dayal Srivastava obtained DSc (1938) from University of Allahabad. He worked as Helminthologist, Senior Professor of Parasitology, Head, Division of Parasitology and Director, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Mukteswar/Izatnagar; and Emeritus Scientist, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Academic and Research Achievements: Srivastava studied various aspects of helminthology-survey, morphology, taxonomy, life history, pathogenicity, etiology of obscure diseases, treatment, control including biological control, host-parasite relationship, immunity, and zoonosis. He did extensive work on the morphology and taxonomy of trematode parasites of Indian fresh-water and marine fishes; life history, pathogenicity and biological control of Cotylophoron cotylophorum of ruminants; a unique form of dermatitis in cattle (cutaneous microfilariasis), referred to in literature as Srivastava’s determatitis of cattle; causative parasite of cutaneous bleeding in buffaloes; prenatal infection of Neoascaris vitulorum in buffaloes; life history of Stephanofilaria assamensis, the causative parasite of hump sore of cattle, and its treatment; schistosomiasis in Indian domestic animals; verminous pneumonia in buffaloes and life history of Artyfechinostomum sufrartyfex and Gastrodiscoides hominis, trematodes of great zoonotic importance.

Other Contributions: Srivastava served as Member of the Unesco Expert Committee on Animal Ecology for Arid Zone; and also served on several expert committees of ICAR.

Awards and Honours: Professor Srivastava won the Bhalerao Memorial Gold Medal (1960) and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Memorial Prize (1968). He was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad; President, Zoological Society of India and Helminthological Society of India; and Founder President, Indian Society for Parasitology.

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