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  Sukendra Nath Mitra

Name Professor SN Mitra
(Professor Sukendra Nath Mitra)
  Gender M
Birth 1921
Specialization Radiophysics; Electronics; Telecommunication Engineering
  Year of Election 1961  
  Demise 28-11-1991

Sukhendra Nath Mitra obtained his MSc (1949) from University of Cambridge, UK specializing in radiophysics, electronics and telecommunication engineering. He served as the Director, Technical Laboratories, Ministry of Home Affairs; Chief Engineer, All India Radio; Visiting Professor, University of Roorkee and Technical Director, Toshniwal Brothers (Delhi) Pvt Ltd.

Academic and Research Achievements: Mitra carried out research in radio wave propagation through upper atmosphere. He discovered a method (known after his name) of measuring ionospheric drifts, a radio method of detecting solar flares, and semi-automatic method of measuring ionospheric absorption. His investigations can be broadly categorized as Analysis of Radio Fade Outs, Magnetic Storms, Sunspot Numbers, and Solar Flares; Analysis of Fading Phenomena in Ionosphere; Statistical Analysis of Sky-Wave Reflection from Ionosphere over a period of eleven years; Best Method of Calculating Sky Wave Field Intensity; Corpuscular eclipse in F2 Layer; Magneto-Ionic Fading on Ionospheric Echoes; Anomalous Reflection from Ionosphere; Diurnal variation of Ionospheric absorption with Reference to Solar Zenith Angle; Triple Splitting of an Ionospheric Wave.

Other Contributions: Mitra established a well-recognized school of research in All Indian Radio. He was the Chairman/Member, International Working Party 10/2 on Tropical Broadcasting, Consultative Committee of International Radio (1976-78), Working Parties VIA (Satellite Broadcasting) and VII (Technical Centre), Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (1974-79). He was Member, RAC of National Physical Laboratory (1980-82) and Banaras Hindu University (1984), Council Member of Institute of Engineers (1987) and Indian National Academy of Engineering (1987) and Technical Director, Toshniwal Brothers (1981-91).

Awards and Honours: Mitra was a Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society (London), President, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Indian Institute of Engineers, President, Indian Standards Institution; Academy of Forensic Sciences (President, 1971-74). He received the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Award (1959); IETE Silver Jubilee Award (1979); UGC National Lecture (1980-82) and Bhabha Memorial Lecture (1979).

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