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  Rebala Venkata Seshaiya

Name Professor RV Seshaiya
(Professor Rebala Venkata Seshaiya)
  Gender M
Birth 1898-02-08
Specialization Zoology; Marine Biology.
  Year of Election 1961  
  Demise 21-02-1973

Rebala Venkata Seshaiya did his BSc (1919) from University of Madras. He worked as Professor of Zoology and Head, Department of Marine Biology, Advanced Study in Zoology and Marine Biology, Annamalai University.

Academic and Research Achievements: Seshaiya’s researches, spread over four decades, covered zoology and marine biology. His works on the embryology of molluscs are classic in invertebrate embryology. He also made noteworthy contributions to the study of gastropods, new beginnings in embryology, modern trends in marine biology and development and composition of teleost scales. He left a deep imprint on Indian zoology.

Other Contributions: Seshaiya founded the Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology of Annamalai University at Parangipettai. A great teacher, Seshaiya inspired his students. A passionate lover of books, he collected more than a thousand volumes, practically on every subject. He served as Member of the INSA Council (1968-69).

Awards and Honours: Professor Seshaiya was conferred the Caithness Prize (1919). He was elected Fellow of the Zoological Society of India (sometime President) and was also President of the Zoology Section, Indian Science Congress (1964-65).

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