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  Bhoj Raj Seth

Name Professor BR Seth
(Professor Bhoj Raj Seth)
  Gender M
Birth 27-08-1907
Specialization Elasticity; Plasticity; Fluid Mechanics
  Year of Election 1961  
  Demise 12-12-1979

Bhoj Raj Seth obtained PhD (1934) and DSc (1937) degrees from University of London, UK and DSc (hc) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. He was Reader, University of Delhi (1939-35); Visiting Professor, Iowa State University, USA (1949-50); Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur (1951-66); Visiting Professor, Mathematics Research Centre, University of Wisconsin, USA (1961-62) and Oregon State University, USA (1967-68); Vice-Chancellor, Dibrugarh University (1966-71); Visiting Fellow, IIT Delhi (1971); and Director, Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani (1971-77).

Academic and Research Achievements: Seth’s work on the theory of elasticity and plasticity and fluid mechanics is well known. His work on finite strain in elastic problems gave a second-order treatment of simple torsion, pure flexure and torsion, based on a quasi-linear stress-strain relation. He gave the first complete solution for a right-angled isosceles triangle. He described the complete solution for an eccentric hollow shaft and worked on problems of bending, vibration and stability of membranes and plates with triangular boundaries and the application of finite strain theory to these problems. Standard books like Mathematical Theory of Elasticity by Sokolnikoff and Elasticity and Plasticity by Goodier and Hodge give ample references to his work.

Other Contributions: Seth was largely responsible for the formation of Delhi University Teachers’ Association. He served as Editor of the Indian Mathematical Society’s publications. The extension lectures he delivered at the University of Lucknow were published as the monograph ‘Two Dimensional Boundary Value Problems’.

Awards and Honours: Professor Seth won the Euler Medal by USSR Academy of Sciences (1958) and Dr BC Roy National Award (1977). He was elected Fellow of the Calcutta Mathematical Society and Indian Mathematical Society; and also President, Mathematics Section, Indian Science Congress (1955).

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