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  Hrishikesh Trivedi

Name Dr H Trivedi
(Dr Hrishikesh Trivedi)
  Gender M
Birth 06/16/1909
Specialization Metallurgy
  Year of Election 1961  
  Demise 11/29/1990

Hrishikesh Trivedi received DSc (1936) from University of Allahabad. He was Director, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur; Chief Metallurgist and Works Superintendent, Jamshedpur Engineering and Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Tatanagar; Industrial Adviser to Government of Uttar Pradesh; and Technical Consultant, Programme of Technical Assistance, United Nations.

Academic and Research Achievements:Trivedi did extensive research and development work in metallurgy. He produced cast iron with extraordinary properties. He designed, fabricated and commercially produced a variety of machines and equipment for iron, steel and nonferrous industries; as well as transportation and chemical industries for the first time in India, e.g. rolls and rolling mills for the steel and non-ferrous industries; chilled iron wheels for the railways; road rollers; sophisticated internal combustion engines; plants for producing high explosives and cement and machinery for mining industry. He took up the study of the basic problems of the Indian steel industry: abject dependence on the acutely deficient resources of coking coal. His aim was to work out a new technology which does not depend on coking coal. He succeeded by substitution of coal with hydrogen.

Other Contributions: Dr Trivedi was Member of the INSA Council (1973-75).

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