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  Anil Bhusan Dutt

Name Dr AB Dutt
(Dr Anil Bhusan Dutt)
  Gender M
Birth 1904
Specialization Geology; Coal Technology
  Year of Election 1962  
  Demise 10-10-1980

Anil Bhusan Dutt obtained his MSc, University of Calcutta with specialization in geology and coal technology. He was the Superintending Geologist and Deputy Director, Geological Survey of India, Kolkata.

Academic and Research Achievements: Dutt investigated the suitability of coal for the manufacture of synthetic oil. He was directly responsible for the geological work carried out in course of geological mapping in India and drilling for coal. From 1944, he started resurvey of the Bokaro Coalfield and this work continued till 1951. He ramapped the entire basin and made a detailed study of its coal resources. The work was mainly on economic aspects with special reference to an accurate assessment of the reserves of different grades of coal. He was also sent to Lucknow to carry out mineral-investigations in the Kumaun and Garhwal Himalayas. At the same time he also carried out a time-bound investigation on the possibilities of producing synthetic petroleum from coal from coal of the Damodar Valley Coalfields as an alternative source of energy. When India became independent, for rapid industrialization the country had to develop its mineral resources, and this became one of the main tasks of the Geological Survey of India. Dr Dutt devoted himself to the exploration and development of mineral resources. This resulted in the publication of a number of tracts on important metallic and non-metallic minerals, detailing their industrial uses and resource positions.

Other Contributions: Dr Dutt served with distinction in various Governmental Committees, including the Committee on Assessment of Resources set up by the Coal Council of India, and the Mine Fire Committee set up by the Planning Commission. During 1948-49, he was a deputed teacher at the Presidency College, Kolkata. He was associated with the Academic Committees of a number of Indian universities.

Awards and Honours: Anil Bhusan was a Fellow at the Geological Society of London and Geological Mining and Metallurgical Society of India, Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India and a Life Member of the Geological Institute, Presidency College, Kolkata.

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