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  Makund Behari Lal

Name Professor MB Lal
(Professor Makund Behari Lal)
  Gender M
Birth 1907
Specialization Zoology; Parasitology; Experimental Zoology
  Year of Election 1962  
  Demise 05-12-2002

Makund Behari did his DSc (1937) from University of Lucknow and DSc (1947) from University of Edinburgh, UK specializing in zoology, parasitology, experimental zoology. He was the Director, Dayalbagh Education Institute, Agra; Professor of Zoology, Dean of Science and Vice-Chancellor, University of Lucknow.

Academic and Research Achievements: Lal had made significant contributions to the morphology and taxonomy of trematode parasites and larval helminthes both in India and in the United Kingdom (Scotland). He described several new species and a genus of Helminthic parasites and revised classification of these organisms on the basis of detailed morphological and anatomical studies. He described morphological and anatomical studies of helminths. He described a new genus Psilorchis indicus, a trematode parasite of birds, under the family Psilostomidae. He also did in vitro and biochemical investigations on helminthic parasites..

Other Contributions: As the first Director Professor Lal was the architect of Education Policy of Dayalbagh Education Trust. He later became the seventh leader of the Radhasoami Faith in February 1975..

Awards and Honours: Lal was the Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and Zoological Society of India and President, Lucknow University Research Society. He was the Vice-President, International Congress of Zoology, London (1958); Chairman; Open Session, International Congress of History of Science, Cornell and Philadelphia (1962) and President, Zoology and Entomology Section, Indian Science Congress (1957).

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