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  Prafulla Kumar Sen

Name Professor PK Sen
(Professor Prafulla Kumar Sen)
  Gender M
Birth 31-12-1904
Specialization Tuberculosis; Chest Diseases.
  Year of Election 1962  
  Demise 06-07-1999

Prafulla Kumar Sen obtained MD (1933) from University of Berlin, Germany and PhD (1935) from University of Wales, UK. He worked as Professor of Medicine, Medical College, Kolkata (1952-66); Head, Chest Department, University College of Medicine, Kolkata (1952-66); Director, BC Roy Research Institute, Kolkata (1952-90) where he was also In-charge of Research.

Academic and Research Achievements: Sen did extensive research on tuberculosis and chest diseases. His work at the University of Berlin on nutrition in relation to tuberculosis showed that extra and special diet is unnecessary. The validity of this conclusion was proved through chemotherapeutic work. His other significant contributions related to tuberculosis and silicosis in coal miners, mapping of tuberculosis in West Bengal, domiciliary treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, planning anti-TB chemotherapy on the basis of biological values of drugs, and the effect of anti-TB drugs on pregnancy.

Other Contributions: Sen served as a planner and executor of almost all national studies on baciliary resistance in the populations, etc. under ICMR and also Tuberculosis Association of India.

Awards and Honours: Professor Sen was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), Association of Chest Physicians, International Academy of Medical Sciences (India), and American College of Chest Physicians. He was Chairman of the International Union against Tuberculosis (Committee on Treatment) and Vice President, International Forlanini Association (Rome).

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