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  Kundan Singh Singwi

Name Professor KS Singwi
(Professor Kundan Singh Singwi)
  Gender M
Birth 13-03-1919
Specialization Quantum Statistics
  Year of Election 1962  
  Demise 18-10-1990

Kundan Singh Singwi received DSc (1949) from University of Allahabad. He was Professor, Department of Physics, North Western University, USA; Head, Physics Department, University of Allahabad; and Head, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics Division, Atomic Energy Establishment (now BARC), Mumbai.

Academic and Research Achievements: Singwi started his research in quantum statistics and applied the results to studies on equilibrium abundance of isotopes, white dwarf stars, diamagnetism of relativistic free electron gas and viscosity and thermal conductivity of 3He – 4He mixtures. He proposed a statistical model for multiple particle production in nucleon-nucleon collisions; developed a strong group in reactor physics and neutron physics at Atomic Energy Establishment (now BARC), Mumbai; investigated the scattering of thermal neutrons from solids, using the methods of second quantization; worked on the relation between measurable neutron scattering spectra and the microscopic atomic motion in liquids; and developed the concept of ‘Static local field’ in order to take into account the Pauli and Coulomb hole surrounding each electron (STLS theory). The STLS theory predicted the existence of a condensed electron- hole liquid phase in highly strained Ge and Si.

Other Contributions: He served as Member of the Editorial Board of Physics Letters.

Awards and Honours: Professor Singwi was elected Fellow of the American Physical Society.

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