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  Satya Narain Singh

Name Professor SN Singh
(Professor Satya Narain Singh)
  Gender M
Birth 31-08-1911
Specialization Taxonomy; Helminth Parasites of Vertebrates.
  Year of Election 1963  
  Demise 08-04-1982

Satya Narain Singh obtained DSc (1965) from University of London, UK. He was Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, Osmania University, Hyderabad; and also Founder Director, Ross Research Institute.

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Singh began his zoological research with taxonomical studies of helminth parasites of vertebrates. He published several papers on nematodes (parasitic mainly in birds and mammals) and trematodes adding many new taxa. He was pioneer in working out complete helminth fauna region-wise starting from Hyderabad State (the then Nizam’s domain), through his own researches and that of his students. He was the first man to show (1958) that the dermatitis in the ears of buffaloes in Andhra Pradesh is caused by Stepahanofilaria. Since then his main interest centred round filarial worms. He described many genera of nematode parasites of birds, such as Buckley fielaria and Lerouxinema and a large number of species new to science. His researches received recognition, both at home and aborad. Professor JBS Haldane nick named him Hero and Conqueror Worm.

Other Contributions: Singh founded the Ross Research Institute, named after Sir Ronald Ross.

Award and Honours: Professor Singh won the Dr Bhalerao Memorial Gold Medal (1969) and Sir Dorab Tata Gold Medal (1968). He was elected Fellow of the Zoological Society of India (sometime Vice-President) and Helminthological Society of India (President 1963, 1969-73). In 1983, the Helminthalogical Society of Indian instituted Professor SN Singh Memorial Gold Medal in his honour.

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