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  Raj Mal Kasliwal

Name Professor RM Kasliwal
(Professor Raj Mal Kasliwal)
  Gender M
Birth 1906
Specialization Medicine and Gastroenterology
  Year of Election 1964  
  Demise 12-06-1990

Raj Mal Kasliwal obtained his MD degree (1934) from the University of Lucknow and FRCP (1959) from the University of London, UK. His specialization was in medicine and gastroenterology. He was the Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, SN Medical College, Agra (1946-48); Director, Medical Services, Jaipur (1948-51), and Medical and Health Services, Rajasthan (1949-51); Professor and Head, Department of Medicine (1951-66), Principal and Controller of Attached Hospitals (1955-66) and Emeritus Professor in Medicine, SMS Medical College, Jaipur.

Academic and Research Achievements: Kasliwal did commendable work on amoebiasis. He described the 'clinical amoebiasis syndrome' and also several unusual manifestations of this disease, specially arthritis and chronic hepatitis. He refuted the occurrence of pure nutritional cirrhosis of liver in human beings and described the probable pathogenicity of Entamoeba coli on clinical grounds.

Other Contributions: Kasliwal served on several state-level and central-level medical bodies, including medical colleges. He was member of Association of Physicians of India (President, 1961) and of Association for Advancement of Medical Education (Vice-President, 1961-67).

Awards and Honours: Kasliwal received Certificate of Merit by International Academy of Proctology, USA (1969); Silver Jubilee Gold Medal and Netaji Oration Award by Association of Physicians of India (1970); Tamra Patra (1972); Promundi Beneficio Medal with Diploma by Brazilian Academy of Humanities (1975) and Silver Plaque and Citation from Ahimsa International (1983). He was a Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences, India (Vice-President, 1967-69); International Medical Sciences Academy, India (1981); National College of Chest Physicians (1981); Indian College of Allergy and Immunology (President, 1976-77); American College of Chest Physicians; and International Academy of Proctology (Vice-President, 1977-79).

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