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  Ram Charan Mehrotra

Name Professor RC Mehrotra
(Professor Ram Charan Mehrotra)
  Gender M
Birth 1922
Specialization Analytical Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Metallo-organic Chemistry
  Year of Election 1964  
  Demise 11-07-2004

Ram Charan Mehrotra obtained his DSc (1964) from University of London, UK specializing in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, metallo-organic chemistry. He served as the Vice-Chancellor, University of Allahabad, Allahabad (1991-); Professor Emeritus, University of Rajasthan (1982-); Professor of Chemistry and Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Rajasthan (1962-82); Professor of Chemistry and Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Gorakhpur (1958-62).

Academic and Research Achievements: Starting with analytical chemistry, Mehrotra had made extensive contributions in the synthesis of (i) polymetaphosphates, (ii) alkoxides: (iii) beta-diketonates; (iv) carboxylates, (v) thiolates and (vi) dialky 1 (alkylene) dithiophosphates of metals. In all these areas, his contributions have been recognized by a high citation index, reproductions in dozens of treatises and inclusion in several reviews/ his work has been quoted in the Annual Reports of the Progess in Chemistry years after year almost since 1949.

Other Contributions: Mehrotra established active research schools in Inorganic and Metallo-Organic Chemistry at Allahabad, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Rajasthan and Delhi Universities: pioneer in popularization of science in Hindi. He was the member of Governing Board and Society of CSIR (many times since 1963); Inorganic Chemistry of Division and Inorganic Nomenclature Commission of IUPAC (1973-79); Advisory Committee of AEC (1963-67), UGC Review Committee (1974-77); Member UGC (1982-85) and INSA Council (1979-81). Mehrotra co-authored, Metal Alkoxides (1978), Metal B-Diketonates (1978), Metal Carboxylates, (1983) (all Acad. Press), Organometallic Chemistry (Wiley-Eastern, 1991); Editor and member of editorial board of a number of journals.

Awards and Honour: Mehrotra received SS Bhatnagar Prize (1965); Professor TR Seshadri Seventieth Birthday Commemoration Medal (INSA) (1976); FICCI Award (1975); PC Ray Award (Indian Chemical Society) (1977); UGC National Fellow (1980-82); Golden Jubilee Medal (Institute of Science, Mumbai) (1984); Cash Award for Science Writing in Hindi (Government of India)(1985); JC Ghosh Medal (Indian Chemical Society) (1986); Academic Achievements Award Gakkai University, Japan) (1987); Platinum Jubilee Distinguished Service Award (Indian Science Congress Association) (ISCA) (1988); Atma Ram Award (Central Hindi Organization) (1990); GP Chatterjee Award (ISCA) (1991); Acharya Narendra Dev Award (1992) and Ashutosh Mukherjee Award (ISCA) (1993); Gordon Research Conference, USA (1961, 1988); PC Ray and GC Ghosh Memorial Lectures (Indian Chemical Society) (1985, 1987), NR Dhar Memorial Lecture and Award (National Academy of Science, India) (1991). He was a Fellow, Indian Chemical Society, Chemical Society (London); Royal Institute of Chemistry (London), National Academy of Sciences (India), Allahabad; Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. Mehrotra was Vice-President (1977-78), INSA.

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