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  Cadambathur Tiruvenkatacharlu Rajagopal

Name Professor CT Rajagopal
(Professor Cadambathur Tiruvenkatacharlu Rajagopal)
  Gender M
Birth 08-09-1903
Specialization "Sequences, Series and Summability; Complex Variable; Medieval Kerala Mathematics"
  Year of Election 1964  
  Demise 25-04-1978

Cadambathur Tiruvenkatacharlu Rajagopal did his BA (1925) from University of Madras. He worked as Professor, Department of Mathematics, Christian College, Chennai; and later Professor and Director, Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics, University of Madras.

Academic and Research Achievements: Professor Rajagopal worked on: (i) sequences, series and summability; (ii) functions of a complex variable; and (iii) history of medieval Kerala mathematics. About a dozen of his papers related to the generalization and/or unification of several tests for convergence for series of positive terms without explicit connection with summability. These provided an undercurrent for the theme of generalization and unification of Tauberium theorems. He also provided satisfactory modern forms of the proofs of the series (Gregory’s power series for arc tan x, A.D. 1671; Newton’s power series for sin x, cos x, A.D.1670) carefully moulding the proof, upon their originals in Yuktibhasa, a work in Sanskritized form of Malayalam based on an early sixteenth century text Tantrasangraha. The series of sine and cosine, thus appears in Indian works in Yuktibhasa.

Other Contributions: Rajagopal strove hard to establish the Ramanujan Institute as a leading center of mathematical research in India. He was Member of the London Mathematical Society.

Awards and Honours: Professor Rajagopal was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. He was also President, Mathematics Section, Indian Science Congress (1963); and Member, Indian Mathematical Society (Honorary Librarian, President).

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