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  Anil Kumar  Gayen

Name Professor AK Gayen
(Professor Anil Kumar Gayen)
  Gender M
Birth 1919
Specialization Applied Statistics
  Year of Election 1966  
  Demise 07-02-1978

Anil Kumar Gayen obtained his PhD degree (1950) from the University of Cambridge in the area of mathematical statistics. He was Professor of Statistics and Head, Mathematics Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Academic and Research Achievements: Gayen made significant contributions to applied statistics. His studies concerned with the effect of non-normality on standard normal theory tests of significance are well known. Plackett’s text on Regression Theory devotes a number of sections to Gayen’s work on properties of permutation distributions and departures from standard test conditions. He also contributed to linear statistical inference and applications, and the distribution of product-moment correlation coefficient. He studied the measurement of discriminating powers in psychometric and educational measurement problems.

Other Contributions: Gayen was the Editorial Secretary of the journal Sankhya (1950-54) and Journal of Science and Engineering Research. He was a Member of Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Society for Quality Control and Indian Society for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

Awards and Honours: Gayen was a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Cambridge Philosophical Society. He was the President, Statistics Section of the Indian Science Congress (1971).

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