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  Shyamsundarlal Pradhan

Name Dr S Pradhan
(Dr Shyamsundarlal Pradhan)
  Gender M
Birth 05/13/1913
Specialization Entomology
  Year of Election 1966  
  Demise 02-05-1973

Shyamsundarlal Pradhan received DSc (1938) from University of Lucknow and PhD (1948) from University of London, UK. He became Head, Division of Entomology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi.

Academic and Research Achievements: Pradhan came up with fundamental generalizations on the dynamics of temperature effect (named after him) on insect development. He invented a biometer and standardized techniques for population study. His other works relate to: biotic theory of locust cycle; effect of temperature on the susceptibility of insects to insecticides; effect of particle size on the toxicity of insecticides; differentiation between external and internal resistance of insects to fumigants; correlation between insecticide solubility in enticular lipoids and insect resistance to insecticides; correlation between epicuticular structure of insects and their resistance to insecticides; mode of action of DDT; neem as an insect repellant; and ecological manipulation for safe storage of foodgrains.

Other Contributions: Pradhan was an acknowledged radio broadcaster on agricultural innovations and developments.

Awards and Honours: Dr Pradhan won the Hari Om Ashram Trust Award (1973), and was elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and Entomological Society of India (President for four terms).

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